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How Can a Probate Attorney Help You?

How Can a Probate Attorney Help You?

Are you considering hiring a probate attorney? Maybe you’re wondering what a probate lawyer can do to help you?

If you’re in charge of another person’s estate or planning for your own future, a probate attorney can help you in many important ways. They can facilitate the process while helping you steer clear of problems and legal issues. Discover the different ways a probate attorney can help you in this handy guide.

1. Handling Claims Against the Estate

When someone passes away, it is possible that one or more parties might file a claim against the estate. For example, a beneficiary may file a claim if they feel the estate isn’t being distributed properly. Another common occurrence is when family members who are left out of the will make a claim against the estate in an effort to include themselves. Hiring a lawyer to help with probate can help you properly address claims against the estate that are based on another person’s self-interests.

2. Avert Family Conflict

When you hire a probate attorney, they can often help to prevent unnecessary family conflict. Without an attorney handling matters, family members naturally want to be involved in the probate process. When disagreements arise about how to handle probate issues, the process can get confusing, and tensions can arise. And the more people who are involved, the more complicated the process can be.

However, a probate attorney might help to eliminate most potential conflicts by bringing clarity to the proceedings. The lawyer provides clarity for any questions family members may have. What’s more, the surety and transparency the probate lawyer offers reduce the odds that someone will file a claim accusing the estate of being mishandled. 

3. Gain Faster Access to the Estate

As you might imagine, probate takes a long time – sometimes, over a year. The process takes a minimum of three to four months, simply because it takes time to access the property and assets. However, an experienced probate attorney can often expedite the process for much quicker results.

4. Prevent Court Rejection

To initiate probate, you need to file documents with the court. It’s important to note that these documents must be completed properly or the court will reject them, and you might need to complete the paperwork all over again. Save time and frustration by letting a lawyer file the documents for you. They know how to file the documents correctly and prevent any delays in the probate process.

5. Resolve Debts Properly

Usually, the deceased has debts that must be addressed. The process can be very difficult, and if the finances are complex, you could find yourself spending considerable time making sense of everything. 

The most common debts to satisfy are income taxes, credit cards, loans, and funeral expenses. You may be able to cover the costs of the debts from the estate, but every case has its own unique circumstances. With an attorney on board, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything correctly.

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