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“Roshni handled our case with the most professional representation. She went above and beyond, working extremely hard for us. She is caring, personal, honest, talented, and dedicated. Always returns your emails, texts and phone calls A.S.A.P. Roshni goes out of her way to keep you posted on everything, so there are no surprises. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have had her on our side. I am incredibly grateful for all her support and dedication to our case.”

Ginita Coronel

“Dealing with lawyers always made me feel like I was too poor to merit their full attention and I was a “side job”. Roshni Desai has been a blessing. She treats me like my issues were important and she is there to help. She makes me feel like a valued client, not some side job as she looks for the wealthier clients. She is empathetic as she works to resolve problems. And her fees are reasonable. I have referred her to other family members and would feel comfortable recommending her to anyone.”

Denise Meyer

“I am a real Estate Broker with 35 years experience in real estate. I have had numerous dealings with Roshni Desai on Probate and Estate matters along with other civil law matters. I have always found her to be very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and careful in all of her dealings. She either answers or returns her calls promptly too! She goes above and beyond for her clients and always does the “Right Thing”. She is very easy to speak with and can be quite assertive when necessary for her clients. I most highly recommend her for Estate Planning, Probate and other civil matters that require a very experienced attorney. She has even done legal work for me personally also with positive results.”

Craig Finlayson

“Relationship in this world are stretched to the limit, service is a concept that is almost nonexistent, interest or caring for the fellow man is a myth. Yet I happen upon the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai where the relationship blossomed as beautiful rosses in preparation for New Years Day. Where service means going far beyond that which was contracted or agreed upon. Where The Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai took a personal interest in me, my immediate family, my siblings and their family as well. Yes she, sincerely cared about those she interacted with or served. The Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai maintain impeccable professionalism and exhibited an extreme of the Law and it’s legal system and I believe she ranks high among the intellectuals in her field. I am most grateful to the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai and I am one of their biggest fans.”

Gerald L.

“I would recommend the law office Roshni T. Desai to anyone who is looking for an experienced lawyer with a compassionate heart who will listen to what you need done legally. With my experience she is reasonable and honest and up front with her cost of what you need done. You will never be charged with any hidden fees. Has experience working with your senior loved ones with patience and understanding of what they want done. You will always be in good hands with the law office of Roshni T. Desai!!!”

Cecilia Ogawa

“Thank you Roshni for being so prompt and thorough! I appreciated working with you on our Family Trust. You explained all our options completely by way of language we could understand. We know we can rely on you should future issues occur, Thank you, again”

Mora P. (Reference Librarian)

“We had a great experience in dealing with Roshni Desai. She helped us with mom’s estate planning documents. I appreciated that she took the time to listen to us and inform us of the process since we had never had to do this before. My mom felt comfortable with her and we could see that she cares about her clients, and especially the elderly. When filling out the paperwork Roshni mentioned different scenarios and examples to help us understand and make a decision that worked for us. She was very thorough when advising us on the type of trust account we needed to set up. Even though we had to go back to the bank twice, Roshni wanted to make sure the trust account was set up correctly to avoid future problems. We appreciated that she came to our house for the last appointment even though we live in a different county. We highly recommend Roshni Desai’s services.”

RM, Lake Elsinore

“This message is for anyone who is looking for an honest, hard working and fair lawyer who will always do what’s in your best interest. Roshni Desai was crucial to helping my family and I move forward with our lives during a very complicated contentious family inheritance and trust battle. To start most lawyers wouldn’t take a second look because of the difficulties they saw involved with our situation. Not only did she take it on but Roshni stuck with me for over a year and a half sorting out literally 40 years of intricate entanglements with the state and many family members. She could have made significantly more money off of the family trust but worked to preserve as much as possible for everyone involved with fair and reasonable rates. There are many lawyers to choose from good, bad and everything in between but it is hard to find lawyers that are more about “helping” than “making big money” while helping difficult situations. She protected us from multiple directions as the state and multiple parties came at the family trust to attempt to claim it. Roshni Desai is the type of lawyer who works for you way beyond the normal 9-5 hours. When you need her she finds the time to help you and these days people like that are very hard to find.”

Dan L.

“Two years ago, our family found ourselves in an extremely dire situation; we needed help from an attorney quickly. Our 90+ year old father was suddenly in a hospital’s intensive care unit. We discovered his full-time caregiver had systematically diverted and changed all of our father’s financial assets, including his bank accounts, will, and home into her name. Then, the police informed us that text messages she had sent stated she was poisoning our father with his daily medications. After learning this, we knew we needed an excellent attorney. We sought recommendations and Roshni Desai had high praise. I called her that afternoon and, understanding the severity of our father’s situation, she offered to drive that evening to the hospital in the high desert. Upon meeting Roshni Desai and discussing our father’s needs, I knew she was the right attorney for us. She began working on our case immediately and somehow made us feel things would get better! Roshni Desai’s hard work and dedication have played a part in helping our father become healthy, happy, and living life again. I believe Roshni Desai played a large part in restoring our father’s sense of well-being and security. She cares deeply about her clients and doing her best to help!”

A family forever grateful to Roshni Desai

“Mrs. Desai has been an extreme pleasure to work with in every aspect of her field. She is professional, intelligent and I feel that she is looking out for our best interest in everyway. She has great ideas that seem coincide with what we are thinking and also adds with better ideas and methodologies throughout the process. Roshni has the level of experience we were looking for as a Lawyer, a Real Estate agent and a counselor of financial family concerns and I am sure many more. I feel that she has the knowledge and credentials to back it up. It has been a real pleasure to work with her on all of our needs and issues that have arisen and she has come through in every way. Thank you Mrs. Desai for everything you do and have done for our family!”

Ervin B.

“I am an escrow officer who has been in the real estate field for over 35 years and have had the distinct pleasure of working with Roshi Desai on several real estate transactions. I find that her attention to details is one of the things I admire most about her. She is always readily available to her clients and she goes the extra mile to provide superior service. She will answer her phone any time of the day or night with a smile in her voice. I have had many occasions to call on her for legal matters and she is always helpful and really quick with the answer. She is someone I trust as she has extensive knowledge of the law and real estate and is always willing to educate so I can better myself in my job. When preparing trusts and wills she sits down with the clients to find out their personal needs and has gone above and beyond with speaking with other family members to make sure the future of her clients are as they want when they are no longer able to speak for themselves. I would strongly recommend Roshi Desai for all of your real estate and legal needs.